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Northern Lights

We will be selling the CD for $15 at the Study Center and at Concerts. As with the other CDs, you can also order the recording by e-mail sent to and using PayPal to pay for it. (You do not have to be a PayPal member because PayPal now allows you to simply use your credit card.) or you can order by US Mail sent to our mailing address, Historical Piano Concerts, Inc., 15 Water Street, Ashburnham,MA 01430, and enclosing a check or money order. In either case, please add $5.00 for postage and packaging.

The music is charming, varied and highly listenable, and the 1877 Blüthner piano, with its dark but clear tones, lets all the "voices" in different registers of the instrument be heard, conversing together.

Two of my favorite pieces are Selim Palmgren's "The Guilty Conscience" - its uncomfortable little notes skittering around like a swarm of ants in one's mind - and Merikanto's "Summer Evening Waltz" which goes along very sweetly, only to be interrupted by what is apparently a boom of thunder that puts an abrupt end to the dance. Two very quirky, memorable pieces!

- Pat