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Historical Piano Concerts Series
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Vitlaus von Horn

 Vitlaus von Horn, piano

Vitlaus von Horn was the first (and so far the only) pianist to perform the complete piano solo works of Sergei Prokofiev in concert.  Having reached the pinnacle of his career and unable to top this achievement, he took a quarter-century-long sabbatical from piano, interrupted only by world premiere recordings of the complete piano-and-orchestra works of Charles Valentine Alkan (for Naxos Records) and of J.W. Hässler's monumental cycle of "360 Preludes in all Keys" (for Naxos' Grand Piano Records label, forthcoming in 2016).

Von Horn’s musical pedigree goes back to Beethoven himself, through Medtner, Leszetycki, and Czerny.  Norman Lebrecht, in his April 9, 2012, classical music blog, "Slipped Disc," called him a "totally serious man with a streak of unsuppressable frivolity, a mischievous polymath."

We welcome Vitlaus von Horn to his first performance on the Historical Piano Concerts series.