1805 Clementi

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Our Historical Piano Collection

c. 1795 Unsigned piano, from the Frederick Collection 1805-1810 Katholnig, Vienna, from the Frederick Collection 1828-29 Graf, Vienna, from the Frederick Collection 1840 Erard, Paris, from the Frederick Collection 1862 Chickering, Boston, from the Frederick Collection 1877 Blüthner, Leipzig, from the Frederick Collection 1907 Blüthner, Leipzig, from the Frederick Collection 1928 Erard, Paris, from the Frederick Collection

2020 year-end update

Despite having canceled all of our 2020 concerts, due to Covid-19, we nonetheless have some interesting news:

Covid-19 Update: Concerts, Study Center, and Beyond.

As you may know, Covid-19 prevented us from holding our scheduled spring concerts. In keeping with the policies of other concert presenters, we have decided not to proceed with the concerts originally planned for Fall 2020. Plans for 2021 concerts will depend on the state of containment of the virus.

Study Center Update

The Piano Study Center has begun to reopen for tours, on a very limited basis: visits by appointment only, no more than two guests at a time, masks to be worn by all, and appropriate physical distancing.

Musicians who customarily play our concerts are welcome to come and play the pianos without our supervision, as would normally be the case if they were rehearsing for a concert.

2020 Media Updates

Our Recording Engineer, Christopher Greenleaf, recently established a YouTube presence for us. There, you can enjoy Jiayan Sun's May, 2019 concert recording of Beethoven's last three piano sonatas on our 1871 Streicher piano, exploring how Beethoven's music may have sounded to Brahms's ears. The audio recording is illustrated with photos from the rehearsal and concert.

Coming to YouTube soon will be Gail Olszewski's program, "Northern Light" — charming shorter works by half a dozen Finnish and Norwegian composers, from her fall, 2017 concert on our 1877 Blüthner piano.

Several other musicians have granted us permission to post music from past seasons' concerts here. We hope to have many of these online in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we will be referring you to a generous sampling of performances with our pianos, already posted online by our performing musicians, either on YouTube or on their own websites.

2020 Website Updates

We are using this "downtime" to overhaul and update this website, which for many years has been added-to, without sufficient pruning, consequently becoming like an overgrown garden. We are extremely grateful for the assistance of expert web developer Kim Hosty on this project.

We look forward to a time when we can be together with you again in live concerts!

—The Fredericks


The 2019 Concert Season has ended and we thank each and every one of our artists throughout the season for coming to perform, and everyone who made up a part of our audiences. Be sure to check out our 2019 year-end wrap-up. Thank you for coming to listen, learn, enjoy, and appreciate the music, the artists, and, of course, the pianos.

Study Center

Our Historical Piano Study Center remains open throughout the year for visits and tours on Thursdays (10am to 4pm) and on Saturday afternoons (1 to 4pm). On other days we would be pleased to open for tours by appointment. Contact us at (978) 827-6232 or by email to make arrangements to visit.

Music Collections

We are pleased to announce Gail Olszewski's recent album "Northern Lights" is now available for purchase. This collection of Finnish favorites played by Gail Olszewski on our 1877 Blüthner piano. You can buy it here.

The Frederick Collection, in the News

The Frederick Collection, in Publications

Read all about it! We have been making the rounds in the print-realm. You may have noticed us in the Grove, or already heard about the commentary on our collection. Come see why we're the leading location for historic pianos in New England.

Our Mission: Education through interaction.

The Frederick Collection of Period Grand Pianos includes over twenty original pianos in playing condition, specifically, the sorts of pianos known to important composers from about 1790 to 1928. At present, there is no comparable collection of period, playing grand pianos in the United States. Most museum collections that include pianos focus on their decorative appearance rather than their musical value. Such instruments are rarely used for performance; perhaps two or three pianos in each of the other major collections in this country are maintained in regular playing condition.

The value of a piano in context

For more information, see our articles on changes in piano keyboard ranges, a different perspective on piano history, or how a piano works.