Music from the Frederick Collection


38th Fall Season of the Historical Piano Concerts

Ashburnham Community Church,

New Dawn Arts Center, Ashburnham, MA

Sunday at 3:00 pm, 24 September 2023

Asiya Korepanova

piano by Julius Blüthner, Leipzig (1907)

Rachmaninoff at 150

The Complete Etudes-Tableaux

Etudes-Tableaux, Op. 33 (1911)        

        No. 1 in f  Allegro non troppo        

        No. 2 in C  Allegro

        No. 3 in c  Grave

        No. 4 in d  Moderato

        No. 5 in e-flat  Non allegro - Presto

        No. 6 in Eb  Allegro con fuoco

        No. 7 in g  Moderato

        No. 8 in c#  Grave 

Sergei Rachmaninoff


Etudes-Tableaux, Op. 39 (1916-17)        

        No. 1 in c  Allegro agitato

        No. 2 in a  Lento assai

        No. 3 in f#  Allegro molto

        No. 4 in b  Allegro assai

        No. 5 in e-flat  Appassionato

        No. 6 in a  Allegro

        No. 7 in c  Lento lugubre

        No. 8 in d  Allegro moderato

        No. 9 in D  Tempo di marcia  Allegro moderato


All concerts start at 3 pm

and run without an intermission.