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Historical Piano Concerts Series
About the Musicians

Arkady Beletsky

Arkady Beletsky was born in Kiev, Ukraine, started studying music at an early age.  After years of training with several prominent cello masters in Kiev, Arkady’s family moved to Moscow to continue his musical education. He went on to graduate from the Gnesin Music College with a Bachelor of Arts and Gnesin Institute in Moscow with a Master of Arts degree.  This was followed by several years of prolific performance and touring with a number of chamber groups. In 1983, together with his sister, Mr. Beletsky co-founded the Renaissance Chamber Ensemble, which quickly rose to prominence as one of the most prolific and well-regarded chamber groups in pre-Perestroika USSR. The eclectic repertoire of this group included European composers of the 18th and 19th centuries, as well music ranging from the Baroque to the very modern eras. Under Beletsky's leadership, Renaissance headlined over one thousand concerts in the most prestigious venues throughout the far reaches of the Soviet Union. The Ensable also collaborated with prominent composers and musicians and cut several recordings.

In 1989 Mr. Beletsky emigrated to US with his family. Since then, he has performed solo, chamber, and orchestral work in Boston and around New England, including venues such as Jordan Hall, Sanders Theater, and Mechanics Hall.  He has also participated in numerous music festivals, and has made a live appearance in WGBH's "Morning Pro Musica.”

In the last two decades, Mr. Beletsky’s focus has shifted from performance to teaching cello and chamber music. He was a long-time faculty member at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge and at The Music School of Providance RI, among others.  Currently, Beletsky is teaching cello and chamber music at the Indian Hill Music Center in Littleton, MA while also providing private instruction in his beautiful studio in Andover MA. He continues to perform as a soloist and with chamber groups throughout the United States and Europe.


Arkady Beletsky played ... with spacious command…”                       - Richard Dyer

...But it was the Polonaise De Concert by David Popper that the astonishing clarity, directness, since of world-weary passion and virtuoso playing of Beletsky became unquestionably apparent... it was obvious from the audience reaction that Beletsky proved himself with distinction. His reward tumultuous, concert-stopping applause.                       -Susan Slavet
Arkady Beletsky is a musician  of rare lyrical Gift. His performance characterizes by a deeply personal and emotional interpretation. Arkady plays the cello in the style of the Russian school, concentrating on the instrument singing qualities.                        -Josephina Gipshman